Monthly Archives: May 2013

A Mother’s Hands

They tenderly held you when you were first born They caressed silky skin as she soothed you to sleep They provided never-ending hugs They fed you They wiped away your tears They washed your clothes, prepared your food, kept you clean They tucked you in at night They wiped your brow when you were sick…
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The Importance of Looking Up

Last week the movement arts group New York Live Arts hosted a five-day festival dedicated to the work of one of my favorite writers, Oliver Sacks, a neurologist turned author whose fame stems from his ability to make medical writing digestible for a lay audience. Sacks writes primarily about neurological cases he comes across in…
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Picking a First Dance

Spring is here and that means that wedding season is starting to kick into full swing. The big day is coming soon and now is the time that many couples start panicking about their First Dance. Some couples know what song they want instantly. Others can never seem to find just the right song. And…
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