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Making Exercise (or training) Fun!

Why do most of us view exercise as such a chore? There is no denying how amazing it is for our bodies in many different ways - both physically and mentally. It helps us to look good, feel better about ourselves, make us more graceful and stronger, protects our bodies, and helps fight diseases as…
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200 Songs for 200 Klicks – Help Fight Cancer a Musical Way

A friend of mine has decided to enter The Ride to Conquer Cancer in his own unique and compelling way. Brian Chick will be participating in a 200km bike ride this June 2010 to raise money for the Princess Margarett Hospital Foundation for cancer research. As part of the team, "The Eradicators," Brian hopes to…
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Remembering Michael Jackson

It seems that across the generations, everyone has at least one of those, "where were you when..." kind of days. It may have been, "Where were you when Pearl Harbor happened?", "Where were you [caption id="attachment_125" align="alignright" width="250"] Michael Jackson was always right at home onstage. Photo courtesy of Fanpix.com[/caption] when JFK was shot?", "Where…
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