Dance Testimonials

"Not only did dancing with Jenna teach me the steps and form of social dances like Swing, Tango, Fox Trot and Waltz, it led to my marriage! Jenna also created our wedding dance using our favorite steps from a variety of dances: our guests were amazed! Jenna really went above and beyond to help us look good.

Jenna is a thoughtful teacher who genuinely loves to dance and to teach. She challenges her students but does not push too hard or move too fast. She was always willing to review things we might have forgotten and bolster our confidence when we worked on tricky steps."

-Lynn Haggerty


“A talented teacher is more precious than rubies. Jenna Caputo is such a precious teacher. 
While Jenna is surrounded by a number of excellent dance teachers at The Saratoga Savoy, my wife and I would not consider learning ballroom dance from anyone but her. Jenna creates an ambience that is so welcoming, fun, and non-judgmental that even the most self-conscious of novices cannot but feel after just a few sessions with her that they are capable of waltzing in a Merchant and Ivory production. Jenna may be primarily a ballroom dance teacher, but her singular set of traits and skills would allow her to teach any material -- including, we are persuaded, welding -- to any group of students.
Good teachers are trained. Great teachers are born. Jenna Caputo is indisputably a great teacher.”

-Ronald P. Seyb


“Each year Iroquois Middle School sponsors a cultural immersion day for the 8th grade Spanish students. This is an all day affair that focuses on Hispanic music, dance, art, history and food. Jenna has become an integral part of the program by teaching salsa and merengue dance lessons. By the completion of her lessons, she has all 150 Spanish students performing these typical Latin dances and having fun in the process. She has a wonderful way of working with the middle school aged student. She is enthusiastic, encouraging and patient with everyone. Jenna is a true professional who has been extremely reliable and pleasurable to work with on this project!”

-Kathy Caffrey


"Jenna whirls around the dance floor with smiling grace and with an ease that makes you want to join the fun! She is a delight to watch, for sure, but she is also a patient and affirming instructor who will have everyone dancing in a short time. Our library booked her for one program and within a half hour we had happy dancers already practicing their new skills!"

-Kathy Dorr


Brenda & Leah"My wife Leah and I love to dance. In fact, we met on a dance floor. So, when I saw there was a dance school, Saratoga Savoy, that was offering dance classes for same sex partners, we were in!!! Jenna and her crew made it so comfortable and easy to learn. Next thing you know, we were going to Diamond Dances and having a blast. When Leah and I decided to get married there was no other person we wanted choreographing our first dance than Jenna with Saratoga Savoy. We picked an awesome song, Queen Latifah's "I Love Being Here with You. " Jenna choreographed an awesome first dance which got lots of praise from the crowd at our wedding! If you want to learn how to dance in a fun, comfortable, relaxing atmosphere, then Saratoga Savoy is your school and Jenna Caputo is your instructor. Thank you Jenna for an amazing time and for making our wedding shine!"

-Brenda and Leah Straley







"Jenna choreographed our wedding dance. It was no small feat since we live outside of Philadelphia. We ended up cramming a rather involved swing/foxtrot/tango into two long sessions a few weeks before the wedding. Not only was Jenna accommodating and incredibly patient, our dance was an absolute show stopper!"

-Erika and Tom Gelo





“We did the Wedding Package consisting of four group lessons and four private lessons with Jenna and she was a great instructor. Doing the four group lessons gave us the basic steps and allowed us to come into our private lessons right before our wedding having an idea of what to do and spend more time working on the moves that we wanted in our first dance together. We were amazed at the reaction and the complements of our families and guests had about our first dance together. If you are remotely thinking about taking lessons with Jenna just do it! It is well worth your time. We are planning on continuing lessons with her.”

-Ian and Andrea Hitchener