“Jenna from Silverpen Productions put me at ease with the stressful task of creating content for a website and publicity materials with her sweet and thoughtful manner. Not only did she quickly and efficiently gather important information, she was also able to capture the voice I was going for but couldn't articulate, and make suggestions that I hadn't thought about for content. I would highly recommend her to anyone starting out in a business who needs a job done well and quickly. Thanks Jenna!”

-Melody Stasik
Owner, First Kiss Wedding & Event Consulting


"Jenna excels in any and every project that comes her way. Her style of writing, editing, and communication is amazing and her attentiveness to details is unmatched. Her skill in taking the simplest of ideas and brainstorming and creating a cohesive project is top-notch. Jenna's ability to match your style of writing is wonderful and allows for a connected experience, no matter where you are using her work. She stays with you every step of the project, and is willing to listen to your input and tweak things as needed. Would highly recommend her to anyone with a creative project!"

-Melissa Mellen
Townley & Wheeler Funeral Home


"Silverpen Productions helped take the PR efforts for the Ballston Spa Film Festival up to a new level. Jenna is insightful, creative, and fast."

-Daniel DeFabio
Director, Ballston Spa Film Festival


"Jenna is one of the best content writers and editors I've ever met. She is responsible for putting together the monthly content for Clifton Park Neighbors magazine and excels in writing cover stories about local families, community leaders and small business owners. These cover stories really capture the essence of the person and help to elevate their story in the community. I am grateful she is a part of the magazine. I would highly recommend her writing and skills to anyone needing creative and interesting content."

-Jessie Riley
Publisher, Best Version Media


"Great news….we got the brochures today!!! They are fabulous!! We love them….jaw dropping, very colorful, absolutely fantastic!! We are doing the happy dance! Can’t thank you enough!!!"

-Tracie Epting & Patti Karwatowski
Coburg Village


"Jenna Caputo of Silverpen Productions is a godsend. She is so clever, hard working, and has such fast turn arounds with materials. When she re-did my website this past year, I was blown away by how responsive she was, how thought out and well prepared she was for meetings, and most of all how much fun and easy she is to work with. She is such a kind, hard working person, and a pleasure to do business with. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and I felt 100% confident with hiring her, and would do it again in a heartbeat! She is just wonderful! Look no further for all your writing, marketing and website needs..."

-Jordy Baker
Owner/Designer, Heavenscent Floral Art


"Jenna and I first met when she attended one of my business communication workshops. As we engaged in conversational networking I sensed that getting to know more about Jenna and her expertise would be worthwhile. Subsequently, I attended one of Jenna's presentations which led to my hiring her in December 2016 to review my blog. Jenna produced a 5-page report replete with what was working well, tips on the appearance of the blog, general tips on blogging as well as comments on specific blog posts that she'd reviewed on my behalf. Once I had a chance to process this helpful input, Jenna provided a follow-up phone call to delve deeper and answer my questions. If you've not yet had a chance to hire Jenna, don't miss out on this golden opportunity. It's pivotal to your business success."

-Dale Klein
Founder, Profitable Speech


"Thank you for writing the article about Riverview Orchards and me. You did an excellent job of emphasizing my passion for open space and agricultural planning for the future of Clifton Park. I appreciate your skill and efforts in writing articles that are important to the local community."

-Isabel Prescott
Owner, Riverview Orchards


"Jenna excels as a writer, from screenplays and scripts to technical and business to magazine and news articles. She is an awesome editor as well - and we are proud to have her as our Editor and Content Director at Clifton Park Neighbors & Niskayuna Neighbors. Everyone loves working with her, from the community to the businesses to the students to her team. Thank you Jenna and team!"

-Barb Schrader
Publisher, Best Version Media


"Jenna rewrote my bio and resume for the website to my school, The Language Learning Institute. I am very pleased with her work. Jenna was easy to work with; she asked excellent questions which allowed her to do the writing in a timely manner with very few asked for revisions. She also gave me suggestions for formatting which gave the page a whole new look, I enjoyed working with Jenna and would use her again. Jenna Caputa is highly recommended by me."

-Nancy Scarselletta
Founder/Director, Language Learning Institute


"Jenna at Silverpen Productions is not only my curly hair client, she is and was my new website developer. She was attentive to my wants and likes with the entire process. She is easy to work with and all I have to do is ask a question and she is on top of it. She surely loves what she does and you can tell by her work. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for a new website, press releases, and anything to do with marketing for your business. I will use Jenna again!"

-Ron Suriano
Owner, Moisture Salon


"Writers block – brain drain – blank page syndrome. Whatever the ill, Jenna’s got the skill. Okay – that’s a little corny, but you see now why I needed her help. Jenna Caputo is one of the most creative people I have met. She brings energy and resourcefulness to every project. During a recent campaign I called on Jenna many times to help come up with creative and motivational themes to get our members involved and excited about their contract negotiations. She, and we, were very effective, using print, web-based, and direct outreach methods."

-Geraldine Stella
USW Local 9265


"Holy!!! You nailed it!! Nice work!! Seriously, I couldn't be more happy with the way that you put into words my feelings and thoughts. You wrote it with such flair and it is a reflection of my personality. Wow. Thank you so much Jenna!!"

-Kathleen Sanvidge
Townley & Wheeler Funeral Home


"Silverpen Productions not only manages text permission projects efficiently, but goes above and beyond to be successful. Jenna has a thorough understanding of the publishing industry and how to make things happen! She always meets (or beats) dates, easily follows complicated instructions, and respects and understands our needs. I always look forward to working with Jenna and her creative, reliable, positive attitude!"

-Beth Thole
McGraw-Hill Education


"Attention to detail, the willingness to dig—and resources to find—answers, and outstanding communication skills make Jenna of Silverpen Productions a fantastic resource for any writer. Thanks for helping us build our editorial QA department with your impeccable style and enthusiasm!"

-Kim Grieco
Content Enablers, Saratoga Springs, NY


"Wow, you've done an absolutely splendid job of making it seem as if we sat down for coffee and chatted for an afternoon. As the subject of the interview, I'm flattered by the lovely tone of the article. As a writer, I'm darn impressed. It's terrific!"

-Annie Stiles
Author of  The Heritage View series


“I’ve had the pleasure of having Jenna Caputo work with The Bruno Group on several recent projects. I find her to be charismatic, focused, and driven, with a very sharp attention to detail. Her oral and written communication skills are exceptional and have served us well, as they will her other clients.”

-Rick Bruno
Owner, The Bruno Group


“If you need help with a publishing project, we strongly recommend Jenna Caputo to your attention.  In 2008-2009, Jenna provided exemplary assistance in gaining permissions for a new edition of a collection of textbook readings (Readings in the Western Humanities), published by McGraw-Hill.  About 120 selections were needed, and, with Jenna's help, we brought the project in on time.  Some permission requests were very complicated and, even, sticky, because of the protocols of the permission rights holders.  Nevertheless, Jenna, with her good humor and strong work ethic, kept the permissions process moving on track to the finish.  She is a joy to work with!”

-F. DeWitt Platt & Dr. Roy T. Matthews
Professors Emeritus, History
Michigan State University