Make your day truly unique with a special first dance that is choreographed just for you! The wedding program is customized to your wedding needs and we can provide you with a simple and elegant first dance, or something fun and fiery – up to you! You can be sure that you will get an instructor that is not only knowledgeable about dance, but about weddings in general, and can prepare you for all the unique things you’ll have to consider when it comes to your special day.

You can choose from private packages to work specifically on your dance, or take general lessons to help you dance the night away in style. Lessons for the Father/Daughter or Mother/Son dances also available, as well as group lessons for the whole family or wedding party.

Make your first dance, the dance of a lifetime!


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Do you have a special wedding coming up and you don’t want to sit at the table all night? Come learn the most popular dances usually found at weddings. We’ll teach you the dances you will most likely use throughout the night, with the music that is often played at weddings. Learn a variety of dances, as well as skills for moving around a crowded dance floor, to help you dance through the event with style!


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