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Jenna Caputo had an interest in writing for the screen and stage from a very early age - long before she completed her internship at 20th Century Fox in Hollywood. Below are a few of her available titles.


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ANY GIVEN DAY (Available)

A unique, suspenseful romantic comedy following Jack, an ex-football star living a mediocre life as an assistant high-school coach; Gia, a competitive Ballroom Dance instructor who is losing her passion for everything she once believed in; and Murray, Gia's eccentric uncle whose secret involvement with the mob forces Jack and Gia into a dance for survival and a chance to rebuild all of their lives. Different from other dance movies by incorporating action and football along with the world of dancing, into one entertaining film that fans of Shall We Dance?, Dirty Dancing, and Strictly Ballroom, as well as the "not-so-sure-about-this-dancing-thing" person can love!


TRICK OR TREAT (Available for Sample)

A Halloween special spec of HBO's Six Feet Under series, this unique script follows the story of the Fischer family during one very strange, supernatural Halloween - strange even for the Fischers. A chilling thriller that will haunt you long into the night!


Not Yet Titled (Available)

He was a hard-working farmer that fell in love with her from the moment he laid eyes on her at 8 years old. She was a dreamer that wanted nothing more than to get out of that town and experience the world first hand. Their friendship was legendary and their marriage seemed inevitable. But then a mysterious stranger shows up in town and knocks their worlds into an unrecognizable land. Will they be able to survive this stranger's hypnotizing influence? Will the struggles of World War II separate them forever? Or will they somehow find a way to get their lives back on track and reaching for their dreams once again? Told from his present-day spot in an assisted living community, a series of flashbacks and letters reveals the truth that they were once too stubborn to see.





MOTTO:KILL – Produced at Blue Creek School 1990

A melodrama about the rich widow, her husband’s haunting ghost, and the mystery behind his death. A whodunit that offers surprising twists right from the beginning!