short stories

Short Fiction

As an author of stories for both adults and children, Jenna has a variety of genres to choose from to add to your collection. From the supernatural to family oriented, all readers are sure to find something to delight!

See below for just a few selections of Jenna's work.


Please contact us if you are interested in using one of these stories or to have Jenna create something specifically for you.




A secret room that has been forgotten for many years. A man that seems to exist in a place beyond time. A cracked picture frame with a secret spell of its own. A birthday that is never quite completed. A seeming sanctuary that casts an evil glow. Readers of this chilling story will never look at books, or a rose, the same way again!



He was a weird little kid that seemed to have a connection to another world that he did not want. She was a bubbly, happy kid that knew how to live life, and managed to keep him in it with her. They were soulmates from the beginning, and never separated as they grew older. But as time went on, his episodes became more frequent. She was his only link to this life. She was the reason he was even here at all. Then one day, he goes to the store without her, and as the automatic doors close behind him, everything changes. Told from both of their points of view, "Never" will lull you into the mist of their lives, and the mystery behind their connection.



They all live their separate lives – the drug addicted prostitute, the Hollywood producer, the high powered female executive, the widowed mother, the radio DJ, the high school boy. They all feel their lives are spinning out of control. Just like everyone else in the world, they are just looking for a little love. A little peace. Through it all, the stories from the radio love line tie them together. But are these apparent strangers tied together in another way too?


Sheri and her brother are visiting at their grandmother's farm for the first time. Expecting a boring week away with nothing to do but pick apples, Sheri is not very excited to be there. She stumbles upon an old graveyard at the back of the property. Finding a mysterious note alluding to a murder from over 100 years ago, Sheri realizes there is something more going on. Suddenly ripped from her own time, Sheri finds herself back in the 1800s with a very important mission. She needs to stop the murder and help the beautiful seamstress - the future depends on it. But who is this woman she is compelled to help? And will she be able to change the past, or will she be too late?



Jersey Evans is a young girl that has moved around all her life. Her father is a big horse racing fan and her mother cares more about fitting in with all the ladies at the galas than to try to spend some time with her daughter. For the past 3 years, their family has spent their summers in Saratoga Springs, NY while her father races their horses at the historic race track. Jersey loves the horses, but hates the politics behind the racing. She goes down to the stables and befriends one of the workers. With her new friend, she learns more about the horses and the character behind one of the country's oldest past-times. But when she is faced with one of the ugly aspects of the sport - the slaughterhouse - Jersey needs to find a way to help her new friends and bring her family back together.



Sharon spent 2 years of her life stuck in jail for a crime she could not remember committing. Her brother was the only person that came to visit her. Everyone said she had a breakdown - that's why she couldn't remember. Nothing made sense. She lost everything, but for what? Moving to a new neighborhood and a new job, Sharon decides to make the most of her new life. But then the dreams start, and the voices. The insistent voices that won't go away, that keep urging her to watch out. She doesn't know if she is going crazy again or if her house is haunted. And what really happened on that night long ago when her father died? Could it be that the people she trusts most are the people she most needs to watch out for? Will Sharon be able to find answers before the crime that she thought she committed is committed on her? Or will the house and all its ghosts bury Sharon with its secrets...



After finally ripping herself out of a complicated and dramatic relationship with the man she thought was her soulmate, Shelly is forced to take a look at herself and her life. She realizes that her life was really his and now she needs to start over. But when she bumps into a new guy at the deli - a guy that promises a huge change in her life and exciting adventures to come - she has a decision to make that could affect the rest of her life.