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Best Teacher Gifts

The struggle is very real. You want to show your child's teacher how much you appreciate their hard work and greatly underpaid year of molding your child's academic future. But how do you do that in a meaningful way that hasn't already been done 100 times before from all of their classes past? While contemplating…
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30-35 the New 90!

The past few weeks I have been drifting into thought about the journey through life and how our number of years on this planet in no way reflect how old you actually feel. My grandmother recently turned 95. We have been very close my entire life and it has always been a benchmark of sorts…
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The Right to Ditch?

  SP welcomes our new contributor, Adam Berg! Adam is a writer from theĀ MillennialĀ age, and brings a fresh perspective to some of SP's activities. Technology, over the past two years, has vastly changed the way people meet each other and form relationships. As of 2014, Tinder, a dating app, where users "like" or "dislike" pictures…
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