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About Our Silverpen Productions Blog Contributors 


Jenna Caputo – Owner and Lead Writer at Silverpen Productions, LLC.

Jenna graduated with a degree in writing from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY, studying with some of the country’s top, award-winning teachers, including Pulitzer Prize winner, Steven Millhauser. She has a varied background that allows her great flexibility in her writing. With experience in Creative Writing with works of fiction, children’s stories, and screenplays, Jenna also has enjoyed writing articles for various publications and creating effective copy for businesses. Her experience in the arts as well as in health, fitness, wellness, and education has allowed her to specialize in writing for these fields for both businesses and publications. For more information on Jenna, visit https://www.silverpenproductions.com/jenna.


Eddie Godino - Contributor

Eddie is an English major and prospective German minor at Skidmore College. He is a staff writer for the Skidmore News and the content coordinator of the Skidmo’ Daily, the college’s satirical newspaper. Eddie has been an Eagle Scout since 2016, and greatly enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and climbing. However, his true passion is writing, and he is looking forward to one day being a published novelist.


Samantha Garcia - Contributor

Samantha (Sam) is a cosmopolitan girl from Brooklyn, NY with an affinity for putting her thoughts into eloquent words that speak her truth. She is a Sociology major with strong interest in English at Skidmore College. She spends her time journaling and synthesizing her favorite books, taking lessons out of each story she reads. She loves adventure and can’t go too long without seeking new stories to tell. In the future, Sam hopes to publish her first book, Marisol, about a young, Dominican-American girl trying to make her and her parents’ dream come true while navigating new environments.


Hannah Kotler - Contributor

Hannah is an English and Psychology double major at Skidmore College. She writes for the Skidmore News and Skidmore’s satirical publication, Skidmo’ Daily. In addition to reading and writing, she also loves eating, exploring the outdoors, listening to her favorite musical acts in concert, and being around animals. Hannah hopes to pursue a career in journalism after college.


Ally Donovan - Contributor

Ally is an English major and Film & Media Studies minor at Skidmore College. She is passionate about writing, and she feels lucky to have been able to explore this passion in Italy, England, and most recently, France. In her spare time she enjoys playing the guitar, listening to Bob Dylan, and cuddling with her dog.


Adam Berg - Contributor

Adam earned a BA in Philosophy from Skidmore College, where he also worked in the preschool. Before the preschool, he worked at an 8 week sleep-away camp, climbing the ladder from Leadership Trainee, to Bunk Counselor, to Group Leader, and he counseled children from the ages of 7-15. Currently, he is a writer of both children's stories, adult fiction, and poetry, and you can see some of his work on his blog at www.peacelovebergie.wordpress.com, or you can read his short stories in literary magazines such as Blunderbuss Magazine.


Emilie Nadler – Contributor

Emilie is a recent graduate from Skidmore College, majoring in Government and English. Her formal writing experience has been with the Conway Daily Sun in New Hampshire, publishing both her photography and writing work. She has also interned in the marketing department of Kroll Bond Ratings in New York City and at the Cypress Group, a financial lobbying firm in Washington, D.C. Her interests include travel, politics, the news, photography, and environmental issues. Emilie hopes to pursue a career in environmental policy.


Jean-Ann Kubler – Contributor

Jean-Ann is a Skidmore College graduate, where she also served as Head Tutor at the Skidmore Writing Center. Her professional writing experience is primarily journalistic and political in nature; she served as an editor for the Skidmore News for two years, has been published by the progressive political blog Next New Deal, and has written extensively on youth civic engagement for the Roosevelt Institute. She is also interested in creative writing and pursued a minor in English with a concentration on personal narratives and lyric essays. Jean-Ann hopes to pursue a career in educational policy with the specific aim of improving both the quality and quantity of writing instruction in public schools.


Avery Stempel – Contributor

Avery is a psycho-spiritual philosopher, poet, and member of the Albany Poets from upstate New York. He has been turning everyday experience, cosmic insight, and philosophic questioning into lyrical portraits and sharing them in the Albany area for over 15 years.