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Project: Organize – The Closets – Part I

I think one of the biggest organization suck zones is the closet. It never seems tidy, no matter how many times you re-fold the clothes. Plus, I'm always faced with the question of, regardless of how many clothes are in there, why do I always open the door and still feel like I have nothing…
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Project: Organize – The Almighty List

So we already know that I made the decision┬áto enroll myself in a project to "organize" this year. The decision part was easy. The where-to-start part proved a little harder. So I started with what I always do - A List. My husband is perplexed with my obsession with lists. I have lists everywhere. I…
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Project: Organize – The Decision

I ADMIT IT - I CAN BE A PERFECTIONIST. I've recently been forced to take a step back and look at my life. When it comes to myself and my journey through life, I have very high expectations. With other people, I'm much more flexible. I do not expect them to be perfect. I don't…
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