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How to Kick the ‘Info Dumping’ Habit

  Every fiction writer knows the struggle!  You’ve got so much great information thought up about your characters, the setting, and the backstory. In this excitement, when you are deep in the writing zone, it’s easy to “info dump,” or drop in too much information in one spot. The strategies and tips below offer several…
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Writers’ Block? Tips for Working Through It

You know the feeling. That slowing, stalling, painful feeling as thoughts, ideas, and words dwindle down to a frustrating half. Writers’ block. We have all been there. And sometimes, to make it even worse, the feeling of being unable to write drives you to want to do so even more desperately. Writers’ block doesn’t have…
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How To Create a Customized Writing Schedule

Any writer, whether green and aspiring or famous and well-published, knows that making yourself write can sometimes be extremely hard, almost impossible. A common challenge for writers, especially those with other jobs, can be finding the time to write. Feeling as though what you're producing is quality work can also be a frustrating challenge. Creating…
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