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Just a Thought: How To (Really) Make America Great Again

It doesn't matter who you voted for in this past election. No one really won. This was the nastiest election in my memory, and in more ways than just the usual sludge. I didn't write about the election up until now because I needed some time to process my thoughts about the whole affair. I…
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Facebook Issues

We have been experiencing¬†severe difficulties with the Facebook Page for the last few weeks. It suddenly stopped working properly and Facebook can't (or won't) seem to fix it. It has been very frustrating! But just wanted to post this so you would know what is going on. Hopefully they will be able to get it…
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Find Us On Facebook

Silverpen Productions has just recently started their own Facebook page.  Click here, or search Silverpen Productions under the "Pages" category to become a fan and stay updated on all the latest from Silverpen Productions right through your Facebook account!
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