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A Conversation with Louis Torres

We all know that I am a huge supporter of small business and using local resources. So I have decided to start a new Spotlight feature on this blog to highlight local businesses and entrepreneurs. For our first owner spotlight, I would like to introduce Louis Torres from Louis Torres Photography. If you are looking…
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SYTYCD Week of 6/24 Recap

After an emotional week in Hollywood, the dancers had to take the stage and continue to battle it out for the top 10. After reporting on what they would be doing if they weren’t dancing, the dancers proved they were just as good as usual. But once the feathers settled, two dancers still had to…
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Remembering Michael Jackson

It seems that across the generations, everyone has at least one of those, "where were you when..." kind of days. It may have been, "Where were you when Pearl Harbor happened?", "Where were you [caption id="attachment_125" align="alignright" width="250"] Michael Jackson was always right at home onstage. Photo courtesy of Fanpix.com[/caption] when JFK was shot?", "Where…
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