A Mother’s Hands

mom handThey tenderly held you when you were first born
They caressed silky skin as she soothed you to sleep
They provided never-ending hugs
They fed you
They wiped away your tears
They washed your clothes, prepared your food, kept you clean
They tucked you in at night
They wiped your brow when you were sick
They snapped millions of pictures
They prayed for you
They clapped for you
They guided you
They protected you
They lovingly kept each drawing, project, report card, and homemade gifts you
brought her
They held your hand whenever you needed it - even if you thought you didn't
A Mother's Hands will always be there, even when the time comes that she herself
will not
They leave an imprint on your heart, on your life, on your very being
A Mother's Hands never rest.

~Jenna E. Caputo

Happy Mother's Day to All Moms on Mother's Day and Always!

Photo Credit: maessive via photopin cc

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  1. Lorri Carr
    Nice. Thanks.

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