Arsenic In Apple Juice??

China Really Is Trying to Poison Us!

We've all heard the news stories about our products from China.  How could we not when there seems to be something new every other week? I thought the lead poisoned children's toys were bad, but now I find out there are high levels of ARSENIC in apple juice!

Mott's Apple Juice, to be exact, had tested as having 55 parts per billion. The US Environmental Protection Agency's limit of arsenic in public drinking water is 10 parts per billion. That's a pretty big difference!! Now, since Mott's is such a big brand name here in the United States, especially in homes with children, you would expect them to be a fully US product.  Nope - they get their apples from... you guessed it - CHINA. It seems that over 70% of the apple juice in the US actually comes from China - a place that regularly uses arsenic based pesticides. China's food exports to the US have tripled over the past 10 years. And only less than 2% of imported food is inspected by the FDA. Does that number scare you? Because it sure scares the hell out of me!

Why are we allowing this to happen??

It's pathetic enough that the government is not only allowing so much of our business to go overseas, but it's not even regulating or inspecting what is coming into our country. And WHY are we getting apples from China?? Last I heard, New York and Washington State are two of the best places for apples. I do believe those two states are both from right here in the good ole USA. If our government isn't going to protect us, then we need to start standing up and protecting ourselves! I don't know about you, but I'm going to research which organic brand of apple juice gets their apples exclusively from the US.

But that's only a start. Diane Sawyer recently did a special report and removed all items from an average middle class family's home that were not USA made. They literally ended up taking just about everything except for the kitchen sink!

Is there any need for us to prove the stereotype of "Dumb Americans" as right? Let's open our eyes and pay a little more attention. There's no need for everything we buy and eat to be from somewhere else - especially a place like China that proves again and again how dangerous it is for us to do business with them. Time for us to start paying attention to labels!

Here's a few numbers to think about -

  • If 200 million Americans each refuse to buy just $20 of Chinese goods, that would be a billion dollar trade imbalance resolved in our favor.
  • If every American spent just $64 more than normal on US products, it would create about 200,000 new jobs for AMERICANS right here in our own country, which in these hard economic times, we so desperately need.
  • If we were to refrain from buying Chinese products for even just 1 month, it will hit the Chinese for 8% of their American exports.

I received an email this week about a movement to get as many people as possible to not buy any Chinese products from August 1st-Sept 1st - food, toys, appliances, anything. The more people that try it out, the more of an impact it will have on the Chinese economy (and hopefully in sending a message to our own ignorant government). We should all try this out. Enough is enough! There is no reason for China to keep poisoning us.

And in the meantime, better check your apples....

For more info on the Mott's Apple Juice Test -

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  1. Lorri Carr
    We don't have to look to China to find arsenic in the food supply. Do you remember when you had to treat eggs gently, because the fragile shell could crack or even break easily? Have you cracked an egg lately? Why does it take a 40 lb sledge to break the shell? Arsenic. Yes, arsenic in chicken feed makes the shells quite hard and reduces losses owing to breakage. What's a little poison to preserve the profit margin? Poultry are supposed to be removed from the arsenic laced feed at a certain time before egg production. Judging by the ridiculous hardness of egg shells, it ain't happening. I buy organic.
  2. ACK!! That is so scary!! I never really thought about how much harder it is to break egg shells now, but you're totally right! The thing that really pisses me off even more is the fact that they make it so hard to buy organic. Natural food should not be so much more expensive than the over processed and highly "chemicalized" crap that otherwise dominates the shelves. Despite the positive impact on the environment, organic also has an obvious positive impact on our health. If more Americans are healthy, less money has to go into our health care. If more Americans are healthy, our workforce will be stronger. Less cancer, less horrible outbreaks of scary food diseases (anyone hear about the latest Turkey outbreak? Yup, they just keep coming!). If anything, the prices for real food should be lower. It doesn't seem right that we have to have a high salary to eat healthy, or else live paycheck to paycheck just to try to pay for food. Seriously messed up!!
  3. From what I've been hearing from some reputable sources, it sounds like it very well could be! And certainly the impact of the Chinese economy is true. Something to think about....
  4. unfortunately some product labels read that they are from the U:S:A, however, like motts apple juice, the actual product comes from China, and or another country. Chinese produce products at the expense cheap labor and do not have the cost of environmental regulations etc. I refuse to buy chinese foods, not because I dislike china...but because its NOT SAFE. Americans direct their anger at China, Our ANGER, should be at our POLITICIANS, for stiffling the free market in America. Corporations such as General Electric and those who move their businesses do so simply because of COST versus profit. AMericans need to take the time and energy to pressure their Representative..for change.

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