Bailey’s Corner: Run in the Snow/Take a Nap

My dog, Bailey, is a constant inspiration to me. Not only is she my best friend, she is my writing companion, a muse, comfort when I am low, humor to keep me going, and often a source of encouragement and motivation in my daily life. I think dogs have life much more figured out than we do. Bailey certainly seems to have it all figured out. She has told me that after watching me for so long, she also wants to try her paw at "this writing thing." So, SP now presents the new feature, Bailey's Corner - brought to you by the furry cutie herself....

Play Hard, Rest Easy

Bailey BlogI always hear humans complaining about the winter. Not really sure what the big deal is. I think it's the best time of the year. Nothing is prettier than a nice fresh blanket of snow. I get excited just thinking about those big flakes falling down from the sky. I sit and stare out the deck door until they finally, finally take me out to play. Then the whole yard is just begging for me. Completely smooth and untouched. There is a muted quiet to the air. The trees are heavy with the new weight on the branches. But they look so regal. They bow down to the beauty surrounding them. The scent in the air is so fresh. My nose quivers trying to take it all in. I don't know if I should sit and let the world surround me or go tearing through the white fluff.

My legs take on a mind of their own and suddenly my body is flying through the snow. Like a race car at Daytona, I zoom at breakneck speed around and around the house. I burrow my nose into the mounds. I swat snow up from the ground onto the Kid. She squeals with laughter so I do it again, then take off once more. Mommy gathers some in her hand to make a snowball, but I can't even wait for her to throw it. I charge right into her hands, sending the snow flying. Everyone is covered. Everyone is happy. All is right with the world.

I hate when they say it's time to go in, but I don't mind too much. Whether if I want to admit it or not, I'm tired. And hopping onto that nice soft bed is almost as good. Curl up. Wrap your tail around you. And drift off to sleep only to dream about being outside chasing snow balls again.

Why don't people do these things? They complain it's cold. (They complain when it's hot too.) They grumble about shoveling. They don't want to drive. (Come on, people, nothing is better than a good ride - no matter what the weather is like!) They can't stop talking about summer or an exotic vacation. They should just enjoy what they have right now.

It's not cold - it's fresh. Shoveling isn't a chore, it's a gift, because you're well enough to do it. Don't just go from your to-go coffee, to shoveling, to work, and back again. Take a moment to look around. Wink at the trees. Sniff the new air. Chase a squirrel. Pull a child in a sled. Throw a snowball. Lie down to make an angel, and in the process, notice the marshmallow clouds in the sky. Run till you can't run any more. Let yourself be breathless. And laugh. Laugh like a child. Live like a dog. Rest easy. You'd be surprised how much better you sleep at night.


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