Bailey’s Corner: Sometimes You Just Have to Rip a Toy

b toy1Do you ever get that crazy pent up energy feeling?  Either the super happy, feelin' great, life's good feeling where you want to just zoom around and around the house, barking the entire time? Or, the super frustrated, I can't take it anymore, about to claw my way up the wall, not-so-good feeling? Either way - the good one or the bad one - you need to get that energy out. You need a release. And running barking (or screaming) around and around the house is not always an option.

So instead, I suggest ripping apart a toy. Seriously. You humans are much too refined for your own good sometimes. Take that toy, clench it in your teeth, shake it around so hard your brain rattles in your head. Give a little growl for good measure. Bat it against the couch and/or floor a few times. Hold it in your paws and pick it apart thread by thread until you get that stupid squeaker out and parade around the house like you just won the Olympic Gold. Then lay, victorious over it, panting in pure contentment. Trust me, you'll feel better!

b toy2Sometimes it's ok to hold things inside and try to act all cool and calm. But sometimes that just makes things a whole lot worse. Find your safe outlet and use that energy in a good way. Guaranteed it will make you a much more productive, calm, and happy person. Because really, sometimes you just need to quick rip apart a toy. And there's nothing wrong with that....


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