Book Corner: We Were Mothers

IMG cropYou know that feeling when you are surrounded by your girlfriends, sharing secrets and confessions, worries and fears, and above all, laughs over a sparkling glass of wine? That feeling of support - that you have a clan that's got your back?

That's the feeling you get as you dive into reading We Were Mothers by Katie Sise. A celebration of motherhood and all the complicated feelings and decisions that go with it is woven into a twisty suspense story with all the drama, secrets, scandal, and lies that lure you into this seemingly idyllic neighborhood and make you forget all about being a mom in the first place.

This is a story that celebrates the complex nature of relationships - both romantically and among our neighbors. Told from the point of view of four different women, with a ticking time clock as chapter headers, the reader is pulled instantly into the pages as the story unravels itself and smacks us with revelations the same time as the characters.

The thoughts of the characters provide an honest insight into the intricate emotions of women as they face their day-to-day lives, the outcomes of their life decisions, and their longings for something more as they grapple with the betrayal that surrounds them and their fierce devotion to their families.

Katie Sise's first adult novel provides an entertaining story great for the upcoming summer days at the beach or lounging on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn. An intriguing page turner that keeps you guessing right up until the very last page!

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