Craft Corner: Sock Bunny Decorations

ea bEaster is just around the corner and thoughts of bunnies and spring time are creeping in. It always seems that this time of year makes us all a little more playful and creative, and these no-sew sock bunny decorations could be just the fix! They are super easy to make and you’ll probably have most of the materials on hand too! This is the perfect craft for kids, Easter decorations, or even a baby shower!



Socks (all those socks that are missing a match are perfect for this!)
Rice for stuffing
Twine or string
Pom-poms (optional)
Glue (optional)


How To:

  1. Fill the sock with rice, up to about the beginning of the heel. The sock should be able to stand up by itself once it has been stuffed.
  2. Gently squeeze the sock into the shape of a pear, so that the bottom of the sock has more rice stuffing that the top does.
  3. Tie the sock off with the twine or string immediately where the stuffing ends at the top of the sock. Be sure to tie it tightly and securely so that the stuffing cannot come out. This will serve as the separation between the head and the ears.
  4. Pinch the sock ⅔ of the way up and use another piece of twine or string to tie off the top ⅓ to separate the head from bottom ⅔ that will form the body.
  5. Turn the stuffed sock so that the heel is towards you. The point of the heel will become the face. At this time, cut down the middle of the excess ankle portion of the sock to form the ears. You can also trim off some of this fabric to shape the ears more to your liking: longer and floppy, or short and perky.
  6. Using the marker, add it dots for eyes and a mouth. An X for the mouth works well, or you can get a bit more artistic with it. Whiskers, bigger eyes, or a more detailed mouth are all cute options!
  7. Tie a stretch of ribbon around the neck to cover the twine. Make the bow to your liking with larger ribbon or angled tassels.
  8. Lastly, you can choose to add a tail. This can be done by pinching off a small portion of the back of the bunny and tying it off with twine again, or alternatively, you can glue on a pom-pom to make a little “cotton-tail” for your bunny.


These cute and simple bunnies offer tons of ways to customize and make them your own. They’re just as cute with traditional rabbit colors like white, grey, black, beige, and brown, as they are with bright and fun colors. Pastels also offer a fun and festive way to get into the Easter spirit! Whether it be a fun craft project for the kids, or an easy, do-it-yourself way to spruce up your spring decor, these no-sew bunnies will be a hit!


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-Jennafer Maselli



Photo Credits: MirandaFaith via photopin (license) and Denise ~*~ Purple N Pink via photopin (license) 


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