Business Owner Spotlight: Dale Klein from Profitable Speech

Dale Klein, founder of Profitable Speech, LLC, has been helping local business professionals sound their best since 1994. A vibrant, sought-after speaker and author, Dale works with a variety of clients, from Fortune 100 companies to major hospitals, as well as individual professionals.

Originally from the Bronx in NYC, she now resides in Clifton Park, NY. An active child, she enjoyed ice-skating, bowling, dancing, skateboarding and being in the Spanish Honor Club in school. After college, she lived in California to simultaneously attend graduate school and begin work in her field. (One of her jobs was on Catalina Island, requiring her to commute to work by helicopter!) After receiving her advanced degree in Speech & Language Pathology as well as a certification in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL), she had a progression of career changes from Speech/Language Pathologist to Healthcare Administrator and now an Entrepreneur.

Her mission through Profitable Speech is to ensure people in business are memorable by sounding their best in any situation. She has an extremely diverse client list with a variety of ages, industries, and physical locations. Her favorite part of the business is the ability to help these professionals further their success in a tangible way. Landing the ideal job, accepting an award, delivering an exceptional presentation or business pitch to gain new clients, learning how to network and share what’s unique about them – these are just a few of the rewards a client can expect when working with Dale.

Besides publishing her book, In 30 Seconds Speak Like You Mean Business: You Are Your 30-Second Commercial!, Dale is continuing to expand her business to reach professionals outside of the area as well as outside of the country, through video conferencing and Skype. She has recently released a completely redesigned website, produces monthly podcasts and weekly blogs full of useful tips and advice for business professionals, committed to her third year of mentoring a young professional through the Young Professionals Network of the Capital Region Chamber, and has been asked to facilitate a statewide meeting this month for SUNY’s Center for Public Health Continuing Education.

Outside of work, she shares her life with her husband, Steve, and their two canine sons – Leo & Sammy. She enjoys reading novels, solving word puzzles, and going to the movies.

Her advice both for business owners and those just joining the workforce?
“Strive to help others when you can. Always provide more than your clients expect. Remain focused on the person or people in front of you. Speak with confidence!”

Be sure to check out Dale’s website,, for more information about her services and to receive some free tips that you can use today to make sure you perform your best!

Not sure if you could use Dale’s services?
The ideal Profitable Speech client is someone who is:

  • Networking
  • Interviewing for a job
  • Preparing to be interviewed by media on radio/TV/internet
  • Accepting an award
  • Conducting a meeting with one person or a group of people
  • Giving a presentation or pitch of any kind (live or virtual)
  • Speaking on the phone or a conference call
  • Trying to manage fear of public speaking


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