Do I Really Need to Blog?

canstockphoto23439566Short answer?
Yes, yes you do.

And here's why.

I often get this question. I will be setting up a website for a client and showing them where the blog will be, and they'll say, "Oh, I don't need a blog." Or, I'll get someone saying to me, "No one really pays attention to blogs anymore. They are so old-school. Everyone is just on Snapchat or Twitter anyway."

Don't believe it. Yes, you do need to blog - if you want to give your business every chance to be as successful as possible, anyway.

Blogging is a huge marketing tool. It's a very powerful tool that sets "the big boys" apart from those "just playing around." You want to grow your business? Then blog. Blog and share on social media - often.

This will not only grow your followers and expand your reach well beyond what you could do on your own, it will also give you a chance to show your expertise - to prove that you are indeed the right person for the job. Help potential clients out and they will instantly think of you when they need your services. Blogging allows you to build a totally different kind of portfolio, it allows you to connect with your audience in a more familiar way, and it keeps your name and brand at the tops of their minds (and newsfeeds). It's a way to break into these "new" social media sites in a different way that gets you noticed.

Not to mention that a blog connected within your current website also keeps your website - and brand - at the top of Google's search lists. Google loves new content. It shows that you are relevant, that people are following you and interested, which means that Google is interested too. And like it or not, we all know that we need Google to be interested in order for our business to be successful in such a competitive climate. A blog is a GREAT way to keep generating new content under your website's name so Google can be happy.

Want to put some fire into your blog and make it work for you?  Then stay tuned as I will be continuing to post some helpful tips on here throughout the upcoming months. If you haven't already, be sure to subscribe so you don't miss it and pass on the link to your friends and associates.

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