Family Summer Activites

As the summer continues, it can be easy to fall into a hole of boredom as you and the kids run out of ideas for things to do. Here are some fun family activities to try next time you can’t quite think of something.


  • Picnic. Not only is this a great way to come together for a meal, but you can also explore the outdoors together by going to a park, trail, or hiking spot for the picnic location. Expand on this by preparing the picnic food together and maybe trying a new recipe!


  • Movie night. There are tons of fun ways to do this classic activity in the summer. Find a drive-in theater nearby, use a projector and a wall outside, look for nearby venues like parks that host outdoor movie nights, find one playing on cable or Netflix, or just go to the theater!


  • Water-based activities. Of course the heat in the summer will make you want to flock to the nearest beach or pool, but an often more local option is water fun on rivers and lakes. See if you have places near you that offer kayaking, tubing, canoeing, swimming, or rafting.


  • Check out your town, city, or state’s hot-spots. Often when we’ve lived somewhere for so long, we overlook the many places around us that attract outsiders. What is listed on your town, city, or state’s tourist website? Maybe you have a museum, nature center, aquarium, or outdoor location that is particularly special to your place of living. Check out the local gems of your hometown or make a day of it and take a road trip elsewhere.


  • Farmer’s markets and food truck festivals. The summer is great for outdoor and food related events. Look into whether your town or neighboring ones have consistent farmer’s markets throughout the summer season. Larger cities also often host food truck festivals you could try.


  • Camping. While the weather is nice, why not take the family outdoors and live under the stars? Find local campsites and spend some old-fashioned fun roasting food on the fire, telling stories, and making the woods your new home. Not much for the rustic life? Set up a tent for the night in the backyard!


  • Competition-based activities. Have a friendly battle in the family by trying mini-golf, croquet, bocce, bowling, or board game night.


-Hannah Kotler

Photo Credit: Jim Nix / Nomadic Pursuits Summer vacation via photopin (license)

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