Happy Graduation!

"Graduation Day is tough for adults.  They go to the ceremony as parents.  They come home as contemporaries.  After 22 years of child-rearing, they are unemployed."
-Erma Bombeck

As graduation season winds down, Silverpen Productions would like to take a moment to wish all the Graduates a very Happy Graduation!

Leaving high school for college is such an exciting time.  It's a new start - a chance to re-create, or find, the real you.  A new place, new friends, and lots of wonderful new experiences await.  For most people, college is the best years of their lives. Enjoy every precious moment as it goes so fast!

Leaving college for "The Real World" is also an exciting, although often a much more scary time. It is the start of a whole new chapter of life, and sometimes those pages seem very blank. But the sign of a good book is when you are carried along with the words as they go across the page. When you are so involved in the story that you have no idea what is coming next, nor do you care because you are just enjoying the ride.  The same is true with life - just enjoy the ride. Don't worry too much about what you think is supposed to happen next.  Enjoy the journey of getting there and everything else will fall into place!

As for parents, congratulations to you too! It is a tough job to get your kids to where they are today.  And as much as it may feel like that job is now over, it is never completely over.  Your kids will always need you and will always look to you for your guidance. Be proud of how far they have come and enjoy the journey along with them.  All relationships are meant to change and evolve.  Usually it means that it will become something better. Now that you don't have to work quite so hard raising your children, revel in who they've become and have fun discovering all of the wonderful new things you will notice about them.


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