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Farmers HardwareFarmer’s Hardware is tucked away from the main stage of Broadway Street, giving it a quieter atmosphere with easy access to the street we know and love. It also represents a slice of Saratoga history, as the breakfast spot has the same name as the hardware store that occupied it in 1901. In 1925, the successful Farmer’s Hardware bought the contemporary FH location to serve as a production facility for the store. The beautiful brick warehouse endures today—the owners have done a great job preserving the look and feel of the original space while updating it to suit their needs.

In the summer, the picnic tables are a perfect place to grab a bite with friends or share a boozy brunch pitcher. Dogs are allowed at the tables outside the building, so your furry pal can accompany you to meet your friends (and perhaps to win a bite of bacon)! Even though they couldn't open to in-person dining during the pandemic, they had a wide array of delicious Brunch-in-a-Box meals that you could order to-go! In-person dining is now open, with plenty of outdoor seating also available, either at the picnic tables around the building, or under their beautiful 100-person patio tent. They have options for event spaces as well.

Online ordering for pickup is also available. Be sure to check their website for options and holiday specials (you should have seen scrumptious box they had for Mother's Day this year!).

When you're there, be sure to take a moment to enjoy the gorgeous old architecture of original brick warehouse while anticipating the newness of your freshly prepared brunch. Look out for their ham and cheese sandwich (it’s one of the best meals to get on their menu). The Farmer’s Hardware experience is perfect for foodies and will start your day off in a delicious way!

For more information, visit their website at


Farmer’s Hardware is located at 35 Maple Ave, Saratoga Springs, NY.

Reach them at 518-934-3444 or for general inquiries.

Send a message to them at for private events.

-Natalie Ciardi


Photo Credit: Photo by Natalie Ciardi. Used with permission. All rights reserved. Photos are not to be used without prior permission & license. 

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