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Networking VS. Self-Promoting

The following is an article posted on LinkedIn this week that was written by Patricia Nixon.  She makes some excellent points that I wanted to share with you. I agree with her statements - I've seen this MEMEME attitude stemming up more and more in lots of arenas - not just on networking sites. I…
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Calling All Freelancers!

I have been following a very interesting discussion on LinkedIn this past week. It started off as a question about an average going rate for web content work, and it evolved into a whole discussion about the issues and roadblocks that freelance writers have been dealing with lately. Economy aside, how many times have you…
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Welcome to the blog for Silverpen Productions and Jenna E. Caputo - your source for all your Writing, Editing, and Entertainment needs.  Here you will find lots of useful tips, articles, story samples, updates on what's happening with us, and the usual general musings.  Please check back regularly for the latest updates and interesting tidbits,…
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