Taming the Wild, Wild West in a Dress Set

Saloon Set for Taming the Wild, Wild West

Opening Saloon Set for Taming the Wild, Wild West in a Dress

So I've had a few requests for pictures of the set we used for Taming the Wild, Wild West.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to locate the usual good shots I normally have of our sets.  But, I will keep searching.

In the meantime, here is one picture of part of the set.  This is looking mostly at the saloon portion of it. We actually extended the stage out as you can kind of see.  We used a platform to extend the saloon, and then we had tables and the bar on different levels.

We had a half wall (frame only) tapering down in the middle of the set to separate the saloon from the salon. I have heard of other companies using a movable middle wall that was secured by a type of hinge, so they could extend it to expand either the saloon or the salon depending on the scene.

Since you can't really see our salon in this photo, I will do my best to describe it to you - We had 2 "hair chairs" with a table in the middle that held the bucket for Rhoda. We had a bench in the back of the salon, against the wall with the entrance.  The entrance to the "back room" was over on the side wall next to the hair chairs. The check-in desk and hat rack were in the front of the stage.

Hope this helps at least a little!  Feel free to email info@silverpenproductions.com if you need to chat more.

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