Top 6 Blog Headlines



Are you looking for ways to increase the amount of clicks you get on your blogs?


Try Some of These Tried & True Grabbers:

"The List" - Lists could be as few as 5 or 50 or higher. It doesn't matter because lists mean traffic. People are always looking for the easiest way to find out the most important info and a list will get you there!

Example: 10 Ways to Stay Healthy During Back-to-School Season 


"The Promise" - People always want something. They want to be successful, they want to learn new things. If you can provide them with a promise telling them how to do that, then they will feel much more compelled to read your article.

Example: How to Have a Better Morning 


"Facts & Figures" - People like to be able to pull out bits of trivia at dinner parties or networking events, without having to spend a ton of time researching. So give them something they can use!

Example: 20 Fascinating Social Media Marketing Facts


"How To" - Everyone wants to learn how to do something. Whether if it is how to make more money, how to fix a car, how to lose weight, or how to write. If you can answer one of those questions for them, you're golden. You're also likely to be shared throughout social media as well!

Example: How to Live with a Meathead


"Predictions & Trends" - Future possibilities or current trends pique people's curiosity. Who doesn't want to be able to look around the corner and be the first to know? Give them a glimpse for some extra clicks.

Example: 5 Marketing Trends You Shouldn't Ignore


"Best & Worst" - Positive or negative, people are always looking to stay on top of things. So let them know how.

Example: Best Teacher Gifts


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