Vinegar – Nature’s Cleaning Tool

I don't know about you, but most of those cleaning agents freak me out. The chemical smell is so strong - how can it NOT be bad for you? But it wasn't until I was at a friend's house a couple of months ago that I really went over the top. Her infant daughter was playing on the floor right after mom had cleaned it. I saw the baby pick up a toy off the floor, and, as most babies do, put it directly into her mouth. The not-so-natural pine scent was still lingering in the air.

It got me thinking - how can that be safe? Then I went home and saw my dog licking something off the floor and the same thought went through my head. Of course, most of us adult humans do not usually lick things off the floor, but what about preparing food on the counter right after it was sprayed down with Lysol? How is that any different?

To me, it wasn't. So I did quite a bit of research and you know what I found? Vinegar. Plain old vinegar is the only super cleaning tool you need. A potent anti-bacterial, vinegar literally has thousands of uses. I'm sure I will be going on more about all of the amazing uses of vinegar, since I am now obsessed with it. But, for now, the most useful tips I found were:

  • Mix white vinegar with a little water to mop your floor. If the smell is too much for you, add in a bit of lavender or mint.
  • Put white vinegar in a spray bottle and use to clean your counters, cutting boards, sinks, and tub.
  • Spray vinegar on your fruits and veggies. Let sit for a minute then rinse off with lukewarm water (or better yet, use a veggie scrub brush while rinsing). Vinegar is the BEST way to get off pesticides and potentially harmful bacteria.
  • If you think you may have ingested something that could cause food poisoning, have a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar as soon as possible. It has been known to cut down on harmful bacteria in your system before they can do their full damage.

Now when I go to prep food on my counter, I don't worry about it picking up chemical residue. If there happens to be a little leftover vinegar there, it just adds to the flavor!

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