Just a Thought: Let Love Be…

Peace, Love, UnityThe world feels topsy turvy to me lately. It's like someone turned things around and started shaking - like a snow globe. Everything is upside down and backward. Everything - even the weather.

Everywhere I turn, I see hate. The media thrives on it. Fuels it. Creates it. Whether if it is politics, religion, diets, Hollywood, fashion, human rights, football, food - Everyone has something to complain about. Looking at my newsfeed lately has left me feeling drained and weary.


Why is there so much more hate in the world lately? Is it just that social media allows an easier and larger platform? Does it give people a feeling of empowerment to voice these rather loud opinions in a way they would have never considered a decade ago? Or is it more than that?

I don't know if the reason is really important or not - that certainly is a subject for another day. Regardless of the reason, the fact still remains that there is unabashed HATE everywhere.

Yes, there is a lot going on in the world today. Yes, there is also a lot of change. And change can be scary. But let's take a step back for a moment. Let's put our opinions on these issues aside and take an unbiased look at them - Do they REALLY affect us or our own individual lives? For the vast majority - NO. Does it matter if so and so gained a few pounds or heaven forbid went out without makeup? No. Is it really a big deal that a few footballs were softer than usual? No. Despite any opinions you may have on transgender, does Bruce Jenner becoming Caitlyn change your own life in any way? No. (Not unless you are a part of the Jenner family....) Does marriage equality change anything in your own family? No. This list could go on and on and on, since every day I see an issue in my feed that is causing quite a stir. Yes, we all have our opinions on these "Trending" subjects, but do they all need to be so public? What happened to live and let live?

My grandmother recently passed away and it caused me to think more about her life than usual. She was a woman that was very strong in her beliefs. She had a very clear picture in her mind as to what constituted "right" and "wrong." She did not always agree with those around her - even some of her own family. But love always won out. She didn't spew hate everywhere. She greeted each person she met with a smile and a kind word, and usually a joke. She was a devout Christian and lived a life that showed it. True Christianity - one that tried to emulate Jesus' teachings on Love thy neighbor; God is the only true judge; Do unto others as you would have others do unto you; Letting your own life (not just your mouth) be a testament.

Was she perfect? No. None of us are. And perhaps that's my point. NO ONE IS PERFECT. We're all just doing the best we can, trying to live our own lives in a way that hopefully feels authentic to us. It does not matter if we believe in religion (any religion) or not. We should just believe in basic human rights. We should just worry about ourselves. I find it hard to believe that all these people have such perfect lives with so much time and absolutely nothing else to do than to spew their opinions and hate over everything. I'd like to know why we feel so entitled to do this now?

Life is crazy enough lately. Perhaps we should ban together in support. We don't have to support something we don't believe in, but let's support the human race. Let's just focus on ourselves and live our own lives the best we can, without having to constantly feel the need to prove that our way is right. Let's allow each other to find our own way and to live our own lives without so much commentary from everyone else. Let's agree to disagree and just do the best we can. Let's let love win for a change and instead of filling the newsfeed with hate, let's greet each other with a smile and kind word. Let's let love just be... without an argument or commentary. I think we could all win in that scenario.

Just a thought.


"Hate: It has caused a lot of problems in the world,
but has not solved one yet."
-Maya Angelou

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