Focus on the Love

25036039995_8a45dbb50f_bI am sitting here struggling with what to write. I‘m supposed to be writing an editor’s letter or next month's cover article, but I can’t seem to keep my mind focused. To just ignore the latest tragedy going on in our country and keep it “business as usual” seems wrong somehow; but I also don’t want to dwell on it because unfortunately, it keeps happening and the cycle needs to stop.

The 4th of July is a symbol of this country’s independence and is celebrated every year with much fanfare. This year felt different to me. Perhaps it’s because I feel as if this country has felt far from free recently. There are so many issues going on with so much hate and bitterness surrounding it all. It’s easy to get caught in all the negativity and the game of spouting ideas on what to do. There is obviously no easy fix and it’s frustrating. Seeing the “commentary” on social media is also frustrating. These rigid views and a feeling of “us vs. them”, or “me vs. you” is part of what is causing the insanity going on in our world lately.

I know that many people feel far from patriotic these days. But as hard as it is, we need to take a step back and look at the overall picture. Yes, our country has some mighty big problems right now, but many of us are still very lucky. We still generally live wonderful lives. We live in an area where our needs are taken care of, while there are so many other people struggling to survive in appalling circumstances throughout the world.

We may be frustrated with the “politics” of our country, but we still can go out and vote and our voices can be heard (even if it feels that things are rigged and our votes don’t mean anything).

We may be sick over the needless violence and tragedy that is blasted in front of us all too frequently now, but we still have ways to help. There is still good around us. There are still ways that we can be the good.

We may feel hopeless, but we need to look at the love. After each one of the horrific events our country has faced in the last few years, there has also been an outpouring of love. In an instant, the rest of our country has banded together in support, helping in any way they can.

To see this spreading of love instead of hate is what gives me hope. While there are many fears about the shaky future ahead of us, there is still hope. There is still light. There is very obviously still humanity and good left in the world.

Let us continue to show our love throughout this summer and the year ahead. Let us be kind to one another, regardless of the circumstances. We don't need to agree. We just need to coexist in harmony. Let us be the change in the world that we are so desperately seeking. Love is contagious, a spark of light in a world of darkness, and is a true source of freedom. Now that is something to celebrate during these dark times! Love is the cure. Let us spread it far and wide and see where it takes us.

I choose to focus on the love!
#bethelove #bethegood


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