Mr. Frankie Manning – Legend of Swing

Frankie Manning Dancing at the Saratoga Savoy Diamond Dance

Frankie Manning Dancing at the Saratoga Savoy Diamond Dance

I just found out that the great Frankie Manning died this morning from complications of pneumonia.

Frankie Manning was a legendary Swing dancer and choreographer, known for revolutionizing the Lindy Hop. Among many other things, he is famous for performing the first aerial step that quickly became a standard part of the Swing dances. Frankie continued to tour the world dancing, teaching, and choreographing right up until the last year of his life.  One month away from his 95th birthday, thousands of people still flocked to see him and help celebrate his annual birthday bashes in honor of the man that has brought so many smiles and happy memories to generations of people. He has received many honors, including having his shoes showcased along with other dancing greats like Fred Astaire.

I have had the honor to dance with Mr. Manning twice in my lifetime.  It  is so amazing to be able to take a class from such a pioneer in the dance world.  He is one of the nicest men I have ever met and he will never be forgotten.

A nice tribute page with an area to share Frankie Manning experiences:

His personal website with a link to his autobiography: 

You will be greatly missed.

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