Overcoming Indecision

Making decisions can be hard, and making the right decision can be even harder. Whether it’s a simple question of what you want to have for lunch, or a potentially life-changing decision like determining your career, the following methods can help you overcome your indecision.


  • Acknowledge the Consequences: Taking time to analyze the situation before making a decision is prudent, but this can easily lead to over-analyzation and prevent you from making a decision at all. In times like these, it is important to acknowledge the potential consequences of what will happen if you do not decide on anything. More often than not, a decision is better than no decision, and this should motivate you to choose more quickly.


  • Flip a Coin: The oldest trick in the book for overcoming indecision is flipping a coin. If you are truly indifferent towards your options, you can leave the decision entirely to chance. In many cases, however, a coin toss can reveal which option you truly wanted if you find yourself displeased with the outcome. Whether you obey the coin or not, it can be useful in figuring out what you actually want.


  • Write It Out: Getting your thoughts out of your head and onto something tangible, like a piece of paper, can provide clarity in your decision-making process. Start off with something simple, like a pros and cons list, and if there are other relevant factors, write them out, too. Transcribing the information will make it easier for you to quantify.


  • Get Second Opinions: Decisions, especially important ones, are hard to make alone. Asking your friends and/or others you trust for their input can provide useful insights you hadn’t thought of. Just be careful to not let others decide everything for you – you can heed their advice, but ultimately, the decision should be yours.


Indecision often stems from a lack of trust in oneself. Learn to rely on your instincts, because you may not always have time to think things over. Once you are confident in yourself, making decisions will come easily.

-Eddie Godino


Photo Credit: jenny downing shall I? via photopin (license)

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