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They Want to Do What?!?

Incensed. That is the word I would use to describe what I felt when I found out that the City of Saratoga wants to replace the historical Music Hall with offices... Those of us involved with the arts world know just how important the arts are. There is now a lot of scientific proof about…
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Diamond Dance Turns Diamond – Again

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="252"] Photo by Saratoga Savoy[/caption] I always say there is magic in dance, in so many different ways. I've seen many wonderful things happen through dance. (That is something for another discussion, for sure!) But the other night, I was privileged to witness the sweet and romantic side of dance that provided…
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Swing Dance Fundraiser

Every month the Saratoga Music Hall is home to the Diamond Dance – the biggest swing dance event in the Northeast. Once a year, the party is also for a good cause and a portion of the proceeds this year is going towards Team Rafiki. Team Rafiki is a locally based group working to improve…
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