What’s With the Fitness Stuff?

I've been asked why there have been more articles about fitness related things both on this blog and on the  SP Facebook page.

I believe that health & fitness should be a component of all the arts.  How can you whole-heartedly create if your body and mind are not working at their best possible status?  In order to create, you need to be a "perfect" blank slate (I use the word perfect loosely here, since nothing is "perfect" when it comes to humans).  It is obvious that a dancer needs to be in good shape - both physically and mentally.  But the same is true for a writer, musician, etc., although it may not be quite so obvious.  The finer tuned your body, mind, and soul are, the finer tuned your work will be.  The easier your brain will be able to fluidly continue to create.

This is true for all things in life, not just the arts. It is for this reason that I continue to post some wellness related things.  I hope this might answer a few of those questions....


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  1. Lorri Carr
    Absence of pain and illness is a good thing. We cannot always control these things, but to the extent that we can and do, life is better, regardless of what your gig is. You go, girl!
    • Thanks, Lorri! I definitely feel it is very important to try to take control of our bodies and wellness as much as we are able. It allows us to experience life and all the good things so much more fully!!

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