5 Ways to Stimulate Creativity in Your Everyday Life

Many don’t realize that creativity is a skill, and like all skills, it requires practice. The best way to hone your creativity is to try creating something every day – whether it’s writing, painting, or just about anything. But we’ve all experienced a creative roadblock at one point or another. Whether you have no idea what you want to do, or know exactly what you want but have no clue as to how to do it, the following tips can help you figure it out.



  1. Step Outside Your Creative Comfort Zone:
    Finding a specific field or genre that interests you is great, but you should not limit yourself to consuming the same stuff day in, day out. Instead, experiment with new material as often as you can. Try reading something you normally would not, or listen to a new kind of music – you might find the inspiration you’ve been looking for.
  2. Tiredness Boosts Creativity:
    This may sound bizarre, but studies have shown that people do better creative work when they’re tired. This is because a tired brain is more likely to wander, which can lead to new ideas, one of which could be the idea you’ve been searching for. Just make sure you still get a healthy amount of sleep.
  3. Cooperative Brainstorming:
    Whether you’re trying to come up with ideas or flesh one out, working with another person or people can be immensely helpful. Someone might say something totally random that winds up sparking a new idea, which in turn can spark another idea, allowing everyone to build off each other. Working with your friends or other likeminded individuals can be fun and lead to great results, but brainstorming with people who think differently from you is more likely to yield diverse and innovative insights.
  4. Give Yourself Constraints:
    Oftentimes, when we find ourselves creatively stumped, it is because we simply don’t know where to begin. The blank page can be overwhelming in that there are infinite possibilities for what you can create, so start by narrowing it down. Tell yourself you want to paint using only certain colors or write a story that is only 500 words. Even if you don’t hold true to the constraint, it gives you a place to start.
  5. Experience the World:
    Those in the writing field have likely heard the expression “write what you know.” This holds true for any creative enterprise; it is incredibly difficult ­– some might say impossible – to create something with no frame of reference. The best way to widen said frame is to get out and experience the world. Travelling abroad and experiencing different cultures can be very eye-opening, but even something as simple as getting out of the house can inadvertently inspire you.

-Eddie Godino



Photo Credit: marcoverch Nahaufnahme eines kleinen Notizbuchs via photopin (license)

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